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Bible Study



FREE STUDY...Starting SEPTEMBER 20th, 2019!! 

 Ever want to study the Bible like a history book?  We are excited about this workbook by Linda Roberts that will give us a whole new insight to learning about what God has revealed in his instruction manual! 

(purchase of the workbook is required - see link below)

September 20th 9:30am-11:30am at Marley Park Heritage Club.  We meet every other Friday for this study.

 This workbook is designed to lead you on a journey through God's Word as events occurred in time. Your trip begins at God's creation of the world and ends with His revelation to John. Links to photos and maps are provided to help you navigate your trip with God as He creates the world and establishes His relationship with mankind. Experience the ups and downs of His relationship with the Israelite nation culminating in her division, fall and exile.  

 See how God restores Israel and extends His covenant to all people through the birth, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. Learn how early Christians and Christ's apostles were persecuted, but still successfully spread the gospel message. 

Travel with Paul on his missionary journeys and study his letters to churches and individuals exhorting and encouraging them to keep the faith. Share in the messages of other letters written by James, Jude, Peter, the Hebrew writer and John, one of Jesus' brothers. 

Finish your journey with God's revelation about Christ's return and discover what will happen when time comes to an end. From creation to Christ's second coming, this study will allow God to reveal His Word to your open heart and mind in a way like no other. 

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This study will not be providing childcare at this time.


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Mentoring Sessions


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Looking for help in the struggle? You have found the right place!

This mentoring is set for a reoccurring monthly 60 min face-to-face meeting twice a month including weekly email/phone calls.  We will utilize Skype if you are not local.  You will also be provided with tools, support, and organizational skills.  As well as prayer and continued guidance in your specific goal areas.

Our initial 120 min meeting (in person preferably, or via Skype) will allow for getting to know you, know your story to this point and identify areas of personal/spiritual growth that you would like to focus on moving forward.  9-12 month is average commitment. 

Customize to your schedule!

Have questions before you start?  Email Tara Groody directly at tara@goddrivenwomen.com or call 623-570-1133.