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Hear What Others Have To Say!

Nicole M. - Mentorship Program Graduate



When I first meet Tara, she was introduced as the Radiant Moms group Director. She stepped into this position with grace. When she spoke I saw a calm, confident, no nonsense women. She was organized and got straight to the point. She delegated the responsibilities in the ministry with ease and attention to detail. I thought, wow that's how I want to be when I grow up! Mind you I'm 34 years old.  

I've always struggled with public speaking, holding myself accountable on following through with my goals. Forget it if I made a mistake, I'd let that discourage me so deeply that it would be my excuse to not move forward. Tara is dedicated and a hard working women that is consistent on her follow through. She holds you accountable and encourages room for improvement. When she sits down with you, you have her undivided attention. She really cares about helping you reach your goals.   

The intake is very thorough, be prepared to answer those tough goal questions... you know the ones that you never put on paper because then they become real. She does a great job making you feel comfortable through the process. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and she's a women of prayer. I'm so thankful that God has put Tara in my path as a woman of God, mentor, and friend.  I would definitely recommend Tara to a friend as a mentor.   

Danielle Y. - Bible Study


 My husband, daughter and I moved here in the spring from overseas.  The first week I signed up for the moms bible study on Wednesday mornings and immediately got in touch with Tara Groody.  She placed me at a table with women who I could relate to and make great connections with!  Which became vital to me when, three weeks later, my son was born two months early.  They helped take care of me, as Tara made sure I had everything I needed.  The study was exactly what I needed at the time with everything going on.  I enjoy messages with more meat then milk, so I got a lot out of it.  The games were cute and fun, I got to make friends at other tables because of them.  I enjoyed everything about the study really.  

I could tell Tara was not only on top of it all, but she really cared about each of us and took our needs into consideration.  I am honored to have her as a friend. 

Leslie Y. - Mentorship Program


I look forward to working with Leslie and she works towards building a better her!  She has just started with our program and is already making great changes for her life!  Having an accountability partner is sometimes all we need to push us to where we always knew we could go. 

Family Life Coaching

Family Life Coaching

I feel so blessed to be working with this family that I have know for over 30 years!  It's not everyday you have the overwhelming opportunity to impact them all together!  I am so proud of them for wanting to do better as a family as they work on their individual needs!

The beauty of families is they can actually impact their spouses too!  There are 15 adults and children combined that will be impacted by this families decision to learn more.  God is good even in the messiness of life.  We learn to help those who may struggle outside of this process as well. 

Rebecca G. - Mentoring Program


I've only been on my walk with Jesus for two and a half years, but it has been full of growth spurts that are far from consistent and much more painful than necessary. My life seemed to spin into an unorganized mess of chaos that has been debilitating to my spiritual growth and ability to live my life to the fullest.  After spending just a small amount of time with Tara during intake, I gained confidence that I can gain control of my life. I was able to see the areas of my life where I have been focusing too much or too little, and where I haven't been trusting God. 

What I love about and benefit from Tara is that she is driven, organized, efficient, and direct. She can bring me back to a proper perspective when I get stuck inside my box and she can pull me out of my comfort zone. She's non-judgmental and full of skills and life experiences she is willing to share. I'm looking forward to building on our friendship and picking up my pace in my walk in a much more effective way!