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Building to Equip and Empower a Better You


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When we talk about equipping and empowering communities, these are the topics we must look at in order to make some positive headway in our daily lives. These scenarios are what we all face on a daily basis in one form or another. Being able to navigate through these areas of life with success needs education and application. We at The People Builders find it important to share with you all of the knowledge we have gathered to experience peace in our lives. Our hope is that you not only receive new or useful information, but HOW to put it to good use.  

These things have all been talked about before so why is it different now?  If you have had even one conversation that goes something like "All the things we are dealing with today are nothing like when we were kids" you know exactly what I am talking about.  Let's talk about what the 2019 relationships in our lives look like!

  • Teens & Young Adults – What do I need to prepare for to have a successful life?
    • Girls 
    • Boys 
  • Parenting – Single or Married- What happens when I need to handle these years?
    • Infant-Toddler
    • 5-12 years old
    • Teens (13-17)
    • Young Adults (18-25)
  • Women
    • Why do I struggle so much to be me?
    •  Am I a good parent?
    •  What do the relationships in my life look like?
  • Men
    • What is really my place?
    • Am I a good man?
    • What do the relationships in my life look like?

Our team of community members and advocates have partnered together to build a better you which builds up others to impact the community around you. By investing in the part of the world we live in everyday we impact much more than ourselves. 


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